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What is the Morales Method® Move in Mind™?

Move In Mind™, created by Monica Canducci, Certified Rolfer™, Rolf Movement Practitioner, and Morales Method® Certified Instructor, is a method aimed at increasing proprioceptive awareness, improving movement coordination and self-regulation, and achieving excellence in any kind of performance.

It's an incomparable instrument for all bodyworkers, movement trainers, strength trainers, physical therapists, and holistic therapists & coaches who want to increase their effectiveness by integrating a new approach. This method is also particularly suitable for "movement professionals" practicing and teaching performing arts (dance, theatre, etc.), sports, yoga, Pilates, etc. who want to get the best results in their practice and performances by exploring movement and “practical neuroplasticity” to enable their clients to create new functional movement patterns and habits.​

Move In Mind™ is based on the principles of Structural Integration. This method turns gravity into a resource to achieve functionality in movement performance. The approach takes advantage of the link between visuo-spatial imagery, proprioception, and movement planning. The goal of this work is to enable individuals to master gravity and achieve more functional ease in their movement.

Besides strength and flexibility, a superior movement performance has to be properly supported by complex involuntary postural adjustments, which affect movement quality and fluidity, balance, coordination, and therefore the overall movement execution.

Move in Mind™ is based on the idea that by purposefully influencing the basic processes underlying movement preparation and control, people can improve movement execution. To do this, individual-specific mental images with strong spatial, motor, and proprioceptive features can be used to affect motor planning and execution.

Such images aim at promoting the engagement of the involuntary processes involving mostly our deepest, intrinsic muscle fibers (i.e., tonic fibers), which support every movement by regulating our balance and posture in relation to the gravity field. Practitioners are trained to communicate with their clients in order both to make them feel safe in order to allow the change they need or then aspire to, and to give them instructions by adapting our language to best cater to each individual client.

In Move In Mind™, specific mental images are integrated in a series of movement explorations and floor exercises to obtain effective core engagement in performing any movement task and consolidate the use of mental images supporting movement execution.​ In Monica's experience, Move In Mind™ has been a powerful tool both in performing arts/sports performance, making changes in neuromotor patterns, and in rehabilitation after injuries, particularly brain and spinal cord-acquired injuries.

For those interested to learn more, we have a full certification available through the Morales Method®. This program can be completed partially in-person, or completely online. Check out all the details here!


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