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Marty Morales, founder of the Morales Method®, Certified Advanced Rolfer®, MBA

Marty has been in private practice since 2003 and teaching students throughout the U.S. and internationally since 2006. Based in San Francisco, California, Marty is the founder of the Morales Method® of Manual Therapy & Body Conditioning. He has enjoyed bringing his way of working to students throughout the world and helping thousands of people with pain relief.


A published author, Marty has written: “Deep Tissue Bodywork - A New Approach to a Classic Modality”, "Morales Method® Core Integration Therapy- A Unique Approach to Structural Integration Bodywork", and "Mastering Body Mechanics - A Visual Guide for Bodyworkers" (now in its second edition), plus numerous articles for Massage and Bodywork Magazine. Specializing in spinal mechanics, Marty sees a variety of clients seeking relief from neck and low back pain. His Rolfing lineage can be seen to the right.

About Marty:

About Marty's Classes:
  • Teaching since 2006 (Testimonials here)

  • NCBTMB approved continuing education provider

  • Offers workshops on Deep Tissue, Medical Massage, and Structural Integration (Course Catalog)

  • Currently teaching in California, Oregon, Nevada, Kentucky, and Japan (Workshop Schedule)

  • Teaches and organizes workshops, but also teaches for schools/universities, organizers, and spas/clinics/studios

  • Online School here

Marty's Structural Integration Lineage
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