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Morales Method® Move In Mind™ Program


Move In Mind™ is a movement education program created by Monica Canducci, Certified Rolfer®, Rolf Movement Practitioner, and Morales Method® Certified Instructor. Simply put, Move In Mind™ is a movement education practice that can be seamlessly integrated into a wide variety of manual therapy practices, forms of exercise, and performing arts including Massage, Pilates, dance, physical therapy, somatic therapy, yoga, and so much more!

Move In Mind™ is a method aimed at increasing proprioceptive awareness, improving movement coordination and self-regulation, and achieving excellence in any kind of performance. This approach utilizes, mental imagery, word choice, and simple movements to help individuals develop functional motor patterns and postural habits. The method itself is rooted in the principles of Structural Integration and Beamish Bodymind Balancing®.


In this program, you will:

  • Learn how to create effective movement explorations via mental imagery, breath, and tailored communication skills in order to help your clients develop functional motor patterns and better postural habits

  • Learn how to teach your clients to make gravity a resource of self-support by embodying the principles of Structural Integration in motion

  • Learn how to adapt your communication to each individual client to make them feel safe and increase the efficacy of the work

  • Learn specific movement explorations and exercises that will allow you to teach a one-hour basic sequence of movement exploration to your clients (one-on-one sessions and groups) or integrate the movements and principles into your existing practice

  • Gain the use of the designation, Morales Method® Move In Mind™, a worldwide brand

The two tracks available in this program offer you the opportunity to complete this program fully online at home or to have in-person education with Monica.


Track A is partially in-person and Track B is fully online.


At the completion of either of these tracks, you'll have the opportunity to become Certified Move In Mind™ Practitioners by signing a license agreement with the Morales Method®.​​

Track A: Total of 69 Hours (Total cost- $1350)


    • Move In Mind™- Level 1 (24 hrs)- $725​


    • Live Online Training (21 hrs)- $625​


    • Assignments (24 hrs)- $0​


Track B: Total of 55 hours (Total cost- $890)

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Who is this Program For?
  • Massage & Manual Therapists

  • Movement Instructors

  • Physical Therapists

  • Holistic/Somatic Therapists & Coaches

  • Athletic Trainers

  • Osteopaths

  • Performing Arts Instructors (dance, theatre, singing, circus, etc.)

  • Sports Coaches

  • Yoga & Pilates Instructors

  • Occupational Therapists

  • Structural Integrators & Rolfers®

Learn More About Move In Mind™ from its creator, Monica Canducci, in the video below!

Between 2017 and 2018 I suffered from invalidating symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME). I turned this challenge into a productive exploration and I spent a sabbatical year optimizing Move In Mind™, which was also a very consistent way to recover, fast and completely.


This is why I decided to create a Certification program for professionals, to share this method with as many people as possible.

~ Monica Canducci, creator of Move In Mind™

Check out Monica's Website to learn more about Move In Mind™.

If you're interested in enrolling in the Move In Mind™ Certification Program or you have any questions about Move In Mind™, please email Monica Canducci at!
"When applying the Morales Method® Move In Mind™, I'm now finding my clients more relaxed, their tissue is responding even better, and they can practice movements they were unable to execute before. This work is absolutely fascinating, and I highly recommend it to any bodyworker. It’s the support your clients need to step into the changes they seek."
~Denise DeShetler, MA, CMT, MMASI™
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