Morales Method® Move In Mind™ Program


The techniques in this 54-hour program enhance perception, proprioception, and interoception in order to increase awareness and presence. Movement is essential to integrate the results of any kind of bodywork. We don’t live on a massage table; we move immersed in a gravity field that literally shapes our body. Our clients need to learn how to improve their sense of self-support in order to let go of their restrictions, unnecessary tensions, and possible unconscious resistances. Enabling our clients to make gravity their best supporter is a huge benefit of integrating this work into your practice.​

  • Learn how to create and integrate effective movement explorations based on mental imagery, in order to help your clients develop functional motor patterns and postural habits

  • Learn how to teach your clients how to deal with gravity, making it a resource of self support by embodying the principles of Structural Integration in motion

  • Gain the use of the designation, Morales Method® Move In Mind™, a worldwide brand

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 locations San Francisco & Los Angeles

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