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"Marty was recommended to me by my physician.  I have significant and longstanding myofascial adhesions from myriad sports injuries involving my low back and pelvis.  After 3 surgeries, the resulting compensations led to insidious changes in my biomechanics.  Undetected by highly regarded orthopedic surgeons and PTs, these compensations became more deeply ingrained and entail nearly every muscle in my body.  Unwinding them to regain postural stability, especially lumbopelvic stability had proven impossible until a number of weeks ago when I first met Marty.  Needless to say, his passion for his profession, his intuition, and his ability to listen are unparalleled and I’ve made terrific progress.  While I’m not yet completely stable, I believe that together, he and I will get there in the not-too-distant-future." -C.D.

"I have received several sessions from Marty Morales and he is not only a seasoned professional and educator-he is a compassionate, sensitive, and intuitive bodyworker.  His techniques are effective structurally yet calming to my nervous system-the PERFECT combination.  I put my trust in his hands and have felt the results! 

I cannot recommend him enough!" -C.M.

"It's nearing 10 years since I began seeing Marty on a regular basis. I recommend him to everyone I know in the field (I currently work as a body-oriented psychotherapist, which is saying something with SF being a mecca for amazing bodyworkers. As a former competitive figure skater in my younger years, my adult body was in sore shape from repetitive injury that shows up in my neck, shoulders and jaw from falling on the ice. My experience of work with Marty is that the quality of his presence and skill is consistent from session-to-session; he is kind, gentle, professional, clear boundaries; his touch is deeply intuitive (many in his field say so about him); and his skill level is at the MASTER level. Look him up to check out what he's up to these days in terms of teaching and mentoring other practitioners." -L.P.


"Marty is the man with magic hands! Seriously, I have been a body worker for 13 years and my work and lifestyle sometimes takes a toll on my body. I have had temporary relief from physical therapy, but one session with Marty really made a huge impact. After the session, my core felt different, I was moving from my center. The weakness in both my hip and arm was gone! I have also been his student and he is not only professional, and compassionate but uber generous with his teachings and information he shares with others. If you have long standing chronic issues and need some structural work, call Marty. Do it, you won't be disappointed." -C.C.


"Marty is not only a massage therapist, but a healer and teacher as well, as he is constantly learning about new methods and furthering his practice in modes that go beyond traditional massage. What I loved most about working with him was that he entertained all of my questions about his Rolfing methods and would explain things such as how the fascia and muscles and organs in my body were working during the bodywork, which really added to my healing. He also told hilarious stories about his life, and always made me feel very comfortable. I recommend Marty 100%!"  -R.N.


"I am really glad to be Marty's client! He really listens well and understands what I need and what my goals are. He impresses me as one who truly has the intuition, wisdom, expertise and superior skills in bodyworks. He also is very honest and has great integrity. He is always thoughtful and gives what's best for me. I feel really safe as his client - He always thinks for my benefit and do his best to work with me. My husband goes to him too. He helped us both a lot to rid of bodily pain and restore proper functions.He takes good care of us!" -N.S.


"Marty is AMAZING!!  Best massage I've ever had.  I am super tense - my neck and shoulders are like rocks - and he's the only one who can go deep enough to alleviate the tension.  He's also got such a rich background of different styles that he can really blend something to suit your needs. Plus, his prices are totally reasonable, and he is a super nice guy to boot! Highly, highly recommended!" -S.Y.

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