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Morales Method® Structural Integration

a branch of Structural Integration, the method developed by Ida P. Rolf

Specializing in:
Low back pain

Neck, head, and jaw pain


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Frozen Shoulder

Knee and Ankle issues


I'm in pain, will this help?

Most of my clients start to see results in the 1st session. Based on the work you've previously received, I usually know what approach has not been taken and create a strategy from a blend of many modalities to get the job done.

How does it start?

Since movement education is a piece of my work, I will have you walk or move in order to see how you function in gravity to determine where to work first.

How is this different from Massage?

Massage focuses on working the muscles and sees you as separate parts. The Morales Method® understands the body is a whole and works all forms of connective tissue (including the organs). This is not a traditional massage. The Morales Method® form of bodywork also includes an aspect of movement education. This piece helps educate the nervous system about the changes made with the work.   

Is the work painful?

It doesn't have to be. You are always in control of the session.

How many sessions?

It depends on your needs. Many of my clients start with three sessions and we go from there. If you are in acute pain, the sessions are modified to address the pain issue.  

What should I wear?

Wear sport shorts or boxer briefs.  For women, a tank top/sports bra is also required. I work with clients clothed so that we have the freedom to include the walking assessment and movement education in the session.

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The Lineage of the Morales Method Academy of Structural Integration
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