Morales Method® Pain Specialist Program

The Morales Method® Pain Specialist Program is for the bodyworker who wants to learn the techniques that will help them get their clients out of pain and take their practice into the next paradigm of manual therapy.

  • Learn the most effective manual therapy techniques from various modalities meant to help your clients find pain relief

  • Gain the knowledge from instructors who have learned for years through the ‘lab’ of their own private practice

  • Gain the use of the designation, Morales Method® Pain Specialist, a worldwide brand

A list of classes that count toward the 104 hours required for the Morales Method Pain Specialist Certification

Choose 104 hours from the above classes!

*Note: Class names may differ depending on where they are taught

The Morales Method® Pain Specialist program taught me how to approach specific issues while keeping the whole body in consideration. It took my practice to the next level. I feel more confident and my clients have noticed the difference. I highly recommend pursuing this certification if you are looking to take a step further in your practice.
- Silvia Castello, CMT, Morales Method® Pain Specialist
Marty using his elbow to do manual therapy on a client's hamstrings in prone

When I started my own practice in 2003, I made it a point to learn all the popular modalities.  I noticed many of them were effective, but not as effective as I had hoped. Many were too rigid, not bending to the needs of the client.  

As my practice evolved and I started to learn from my experiences with my clients, I began to synthesize the modalities in which I was trained into a way of working that took into account the client's needs and wants.  My work was becoming a blend of different ways of working and I became more effective more often.


This work and the techniques I've learned have been shared as workshops for the past ten years. Eventually, these courses formed into a method of work that is called the Morales Method® Pain Specialist Program.  I am pleased to share this certification program with you.

-Marty Morales, Founder of the Morales Method®