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The cover of the Morales Method Deep Tissue Bodywork Manual

Deep Tissue Bodywork -

A New Approach to a Classic Modality

by Marty Morales, Certified Advanced Rolfer™


This book describes, in detail, the novel approach to the modality commonly referred to as Deep Tissue Massage. We use the concepts called Directional Resistance and Directional Ease in conjunction with passive and active movement in order to make Deep Tissue techniques most effective.

This book allows readers to gain a complete understanding of the Morales Method® approach to Deep Tissue Massage. Readers will gain:

  • An unique understanding of Body Mechanics from a psychological, cultural, and physiological perspective to help you create more force with less effort

  • Techniques for working the entire body including an in depth focus on how to relieve both neck and low back pain in your clients.

  • A discussion of Directional Resistance and Directional Ease. A way of working the tissue that is foundational to the Morales Method® approach to Deep Tissue Massage.

I guarantee the knowledge inside this book will set you apart from your peers, increase the longevity of your practice, and take your work to the next level!⁣

A cover of the Morales Method Academy of Structural Integration Manual

Morales Method® Core Integration Therapy

A Unique Approach to Structural Integration Bodywork

by Marty Morales, Certified Advanced Rolfer™


Gaining an understanding of the client as a 'whole' and not just a sum of their parts is the next paradigm in bodywork and what is classically called Structural Integration. Being able to read and assess a client in movement and then formulate a plan that takes into consideration the tensegrity of the entire system (meaning, work in one area may affect another) takes a body worker's practice to the next level.


This book allows the practitioner to gain an understanding of Morales Method® Core Integration, a form of Structural Integration. Readers will gain:

  • An understanding for body reading and assessment tools used in Structural Integration.

  • Hands on myo-fascial palpation and work techniques to understand working with myo-fascia.

  • Knowledge of the Morales Method® Core Integration series that will help you learn how to create a Structural Integration series and apply the body reading tools via the myo-fascial bodywork techniques taught. 

Mastering Body Mechanics - 2nd Edition

A Visual Guide for Bodyworkers

Incorporating the Mind-Body Connection

by Marty Morales, Certified Advanced Rolfer


Bodyworkers, are you looking to take your practice to the next level? Do you ask yourself, "How can I ever see more clients if I get so tired after working my current shift"? Do you deal with injuries that stop you from increasing your practice?


My book, "Mastering Body Mechanics" covers the theory behind what constitutes proper and improper body mechanics and deals with proper body mechanics for Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage Therapy. Overall, you will learn and understand:

  • The unique approach to understanding improper body mechanics and how physiology and psychology can play a major factor in improper use of our bodies

  • How a change in mindset can change the use of our bodies in doing smarter versus 'harder' work

  • The main principle for Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage therapy body mechanics via a step by step guide of photos along with detailed descriptions

Products we know and love

Tiger Balm Sport Rub Pain Relieving Ointment

For temporary relief of minor aches and pains associated with: Joint and muscle strains, Backaches, Arthritis, Stiff muscles

The Theracane Massage Tool

  • Cane-shaped massager for easing aches and pains

  • Eliminate painful knots in your muscles on your own

  • 6 treatment balls for total body massage

  • Ideal after long work days or strenuous activities

  • Measures 24 x 15 x 1 inches (W x H x D)

Healing Back Pain by Dr. John Sarno

  • Dr. John E. Sarno is a medical pioneer whose program has helped thousands upon thousands of people overcome their back conditions--without or drugs or dangerous surgery.

  • Now, using his groundbreaking research into TMS (Tension Myositis Syndrome), Dr. Sarno goes one step further: after identifying stress and other psychological factors in back pain, he demonstrates how many of his patients have gone on to heal themselves without exercise or other physical therapy.

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