"I have been a MT for 10 years and learning this method has expanded my knowledge and definitely put new tools in my tool box to better help my clients." -S.P.


"I honestly can say that your program offered me literally the most direct and immediate results I've ever seen, physically on any one human. It was amazing. There is no doubt in my mind that this method you have developed works, and should be taught in ALL schools.
I also learned more about me as a healer." -S.B.

"The Morales Method® classes have increased my confidence & palpation skills to work more efficiently & effectively with my clients." -J.G.


"Marty is not only a phenomenal Body worker, he is a great educator. As a client,  I value what he has done for me with Rolfing, hands down his method works. As a student, seeing how he teaches and being able to co-relate that to work I have received from him helps me see the bigger picture "full circle". I recommend the Traditional 10 session Rolfing series, It has changed the way I walk and the way I think about my own movement. Highly recommended. This man and method changed my life!" -H.S.

"Though there's a charge to enroll in your courses, I find attending them to be priceless!" -R

"Thank you too for such a great fascinating insightful class and for as always making it fun.  I have incorporated a few of the moves I managed to remember and they went well and I received great feedback from clients and feel I've  stepped up my game.  :)  "  -J.T. 

"I get more repeat clients. One of the clients that I had been working with, I started using the frozen shoulder routine and she's able to do increase range of motion and put her hands on the side of the bed lying prone it was great."  -C.W.

"I am a continuing education junkie and find myself going back to Marty’s classes again and again due to the fact that I use so much of what I learn there. Marty’s focus on fascia, directional resistance, and palpation over a set sequence is invaluable to those wanting to move in a more therapeutic direction. His humor and creative interactive style make the classes fun and therefore easier to absorb." -L.G.


"Attentive instruction during hands-on. A lot of learning, laughs & quality healing." -R.D.


"A must take course for any manual bodywork practitioner. Took this class in spring of this year. Can't give Marty or his approach to teaching trigger point high enough rates." -K.W.


"I specifically took the class because I knew (from experience) that Marty is an excellent teacher. And I was still impressed! He's personal, compassionate, prepared & and excellent communicator. He handled all types of personalities in a respectful & caring way & always refocused the conversation to class goals in an interesting & fun way." -S.B.


"Marty is a natural teacher who knows his stuff! Time passed so quickly each day. Great information...and incredibly effective therapy. Loved it. Can wait for more Morales Method®!" -A.F.

"I just finished a 5-day course on Structural Integration with Marty at the SF School of Massage and Bodywork. I found Marty to be an excellent teacher on the subject. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom and has a great way of guiding you along as you begin (or continue) your path to assessing body movement both visually and on the table, hands on. He's easy to listen to, has a great sense of humor, and seems to bring no ego or judgements along with him as he teaches. In just 5 days, I felt my assessment skills grow by leaps and bounds. I would (and already have) highly recommend Marty as an instructor and as a body worker." -N.P.


"Marty is fun, insightful and engaging. I really liked his class and the fact that he has so much passion, that he travels the world to teach." -M.S.


"Hi Marty, you are the best. I just used your technique on 2 people today! They are pain free. Not feeling sick anymore either. I love the directional resistance techniques with movement. I am hopeful to help people more efficiently using the Morales Method®. Bless your heart for this stuff Marty." -H.M.


"It's awesome. I learned so much! It wasn't boring. Very informative. Marty Morales is the best teacher I've ever had." -J.J. 


"I just want to thank you. I took your trigger point class in Las Vegas. My intention when I started massage was to do energy based massages in a small, quaint setting. Now I have found myself working in a hotel spa where a more therapeutic massage is required. I have always felt insecure about my massage but your class has given me the confidence to know that I can give a more beneficial treatment than just "frou frou" massage! Thank you so much!!!!!" - K.S.


"I just want to tell you that the "Structural Integration" workshop of yours have changed my life, my massage, my body mechanics and my thinking of the power of our FASCIA. I want to thank you very much." -M.D.


"I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to learn so little (because there is so much more, lol) from Marty. I have only scraped the surface and I can't wait to take many more classes from him. He has a gift of taking me to a place that only makes me want more and more. He has so much wisdom in his field and he makes it a joy to learn with his witty sense of humor. He is an incredible asset to the industry and I would recommend his classes to anyone. Thank you Marty for "touching" so many lives." -R.P.


“Thanks again for such an awesome class. In the 2 days back out in the ‘real world’ I've already worked on 8 necks using the techniques you taught. All with resounding results." -A.R.


"Tons of information presented in a fun way. Easy to ask questions and receive one on one instruction. I'm going to continue on learning and implementing the Morales Method in my practice." -K.K.


"Informative, easy to follow, honestly the most enjoyable instruction I have had. Truly enjoyed this class. It wasn't just "doing time" for CEUs." -K.S. 


"I've found Marty to be a well educated healer with a gift for sharing his knowledge. Highly recommended!" - E.H.


"Precise and expert understanding of the body & body mechanics.  Very thorough explanation of ALL aspects of low back pain.  For me I've got a full cup!  Wonderful personality, knowledge and subject matter approach was not overwhelming though it was new info."


"I just had the pleasure of taking Medical Massage classes from Marty at the Massage Therapy Institute in Davis, California.  Of all the classes I have taken in over ten years, this would have to be my favorite educational series/instructor.  Marty is an impressive educator.  It is self evident that he is passionate about his practice and about effectively educating others.  I plan to take future classes with Marty and refer him to all of my colleagues for their continuing education." -V.R.

We take the time and effort to ensure every student is thoroughly trained in knowledge they can apply immediately.

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