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Morales Method® "Deep Tech" Program


A 50-hour comprehensive training covering all aspects on the subject of Deep Tissue Therapy, this program represents some of the best training a practitioner can receive on the subject.  Instructors are highly skilled and up to date on the latest science surrounding deep tissue.​  This program also has a unique focus on body mechanics, which will be reinforced and addressed with each technique taught.

Benefits of membership:

  • World class Deep Tissue instruction based on the techniques from the Morales Method® of Manual Therapy.

  • Distinction in your training. Show your clients and prospective employers that you have advanced education.

  • Access to the private Morales Method® forum on Facebook, where new content is always being added and you can ask questions and interact with other professionals in the group.

  • Become listed on the Morales Method® site as an official member.

A breakdown of the requirements for the Deep Tissue Bodywork program
Click here to access the form to complete your practicum hours

"As a tactile learner, I really appreciated learning from you. You helped me learn how to listen to muscles when working on patients and how to utilize people’s body positions/mechanics to help treat their issues.


You are a great teacher who instructs and leads by example, and I would highly recommend your class to anyone seriously wanting to become a therapist!"

-Poonrada, student of the Deep Tech Program

Marty demonstrates deep tissue bodywork on a client in side lying

​When I was starting to learn how to work deeply, I was constantly reminded of how to stop, sink, and listen to what the tissue was telling me. Over time, I learned to foster the skill of listening and was able to create a modality based on this skill. Eventually all this became the foundation of my Deep Tech Certification Program available through the Morales Method®. This approach is what I want to share with you in our Deep Tech Program!

- Marty Morales, Founder of the Morales Method®

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