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Morales Method® "Deep Tech" Program


A 50-hour comprehensive training covering all aspects on the subject of Deep Tissue Therapy, this program represents some of the best training a practitioner can receive on the subject. Instructors are highly skilled and up to date on the latest science surrounding deep tissue.​ This program also has a unique focus on body mechanics and tissue palpation, which will be reinforced and addressed with each technique taught. 


At the end of this program, students will have learned a wide variety of techniques to help their clients get out of pain and to increase the detail orientation in your approach to Deep Tissue. The Deep Tech Program will take your skills to the next level and set you apart from your peers and co-workers whether you work in a spa/clinic setting or you have a private practice. 

Benefits of membership:

  • World class Deep Tissue instruction based on the techniques from the Morales Method® of Manual Therapy.

  • Distinction in your training. Show your clients and prospective employers that you have advanced education.

  • Become listed on the Morales Method® site as an official member.

  • License to use the designation of Certified Morales Method® Deep Tech Specialist. 

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"As a tactile learner, I really appreciated learning from you. You helped me learn how to listen to muscles when working on patients and how to utilize people’s body positions/mechanics to help treat their issues.


You're a great teacher who instructs and leads by example, and I would highly recommend your class to anyone seriously wanting to become a therapist!"

-Poonrada, student of the Deep Tech Program

Marty demonstrates deep tissue bodywork on a client in side lying

​When I was starting to learn how to work deeply, I was constantly reminded of how to stop, sink, and listen to what the tissue was telling me. Over time, I learned to foster the skill of listening and was able to create a modality based on this skill. Eventually all this became the foundation of my Deep Tech Certification Program available through the Morales Method®. This approach is what I want to share with you in our Deep Tech Program!

- Marty Morales, Founder of the Morales Method®

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