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What is a Structural Integration Series?

A man working the neck using manual therapy

I get this question a lot from both practitioners and clients. Today I want to cover some of the history of the Structural Integration series, some basics, and why/who would want to receive the series.


The Structural Integration (SI) series was originally developed by Ida Rolf in the 1940s. The intention of this creation was to address and balance the entire body via fascial tissues. The final iteration of Ida’s series, included 10 sessions. When developing this SI series, Ida also created a theory and set of principles to go along with it that are unique the Structural Integration.

The Basics

Often when I first mention the SI Series, I get the response that people “get it” right off the bat. Something I want to make sure that I convey is that every time I interact with the SI series I learn something knew about it and what it can do in action. I think it’s something to be continually explored, rather than something to be fully “known” or “understood”. That said, here are some of the “hard facts” about the Structural Integration series.

What can the SI Series do?

Most people think that the sole purpose of the SI series is to improve posture. While the series can have an incredibly profound effect on posture, I have found that the goals that can be accomplished with clients via the series are almost endless. The list below names only just a few highlights besides improved posture:

  • Body awareness

  • Creating new movement patterns

  • Chronic Pain

  • Recovery from Injury (post acute stage)

Who can receive the SI Series?

Most anyone can receive an SI series and there are very few contraindications (pregnancy, acute injury, mania, etc) to receiving this work. You may want to mention/inquire about the following, but they should be assessed on a case by case basis: lupus, cancer, epilepsy, and cerebral palsy.


So there’s a quick overview of the Structural Integration Series, folks. As I mentioned, there’s a lot to unpack about SI series work and what it has to offer both clients and practitioners. We spend a big portion of the training for our Structural Integration Certification discussing the 10-series and the art behind doing it. If you want to learn more about the specifics of the Morales Method® Academy of Structural Integration 10-Series, you can get a front row seat here!


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