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Structural Integration Training with the Morales Method® Academy of Structural Integration (MMASI™)


MMASI™ is a 271-Hour Structural Integration training program comprised of three phases, typically completed in 18 months (approx. cost: $7,900). The program is a combination of online courses, home study, and in-person workshops. We're currently accepting practitioners certified as CMTs, LMTs, PTs, or ATCs.

This is not an International Association of Structural Integrators (IASI) recognized program. Students can become Morales Method® Academy of Structural Integration Certified by completing all three levels of training and completing a yearly license agreement. This program provides NCBTMB Approved CEUs.

Learn more below:

MMASI Program Graphic.png

Program Pre-requisites:

Levels 1 & 2 of the MMASI™ program are open to all levels of practitioners/students. Level 3 training requires the follow pre-requisites:

  • Must be a CMT, LMT, PT, ATC, or some other equivalent title or will complete such title before the end of Level 3 training.

  • Must be over 18 years old and have a high school diploma or equivalent

  • Must have an adequate command of the English language

  • Cannot have been charged or convicted of any type of sexual assault, domestic violence, or be a registered sex offender

Program Details

In General, the program covers:


  • Anatomy, Physiology, and Kinesiology from the perspective and influence of Structural Integration

  • The fostering of palpation skills and the ability to understand and apply the Morales Method® Concepts of Palpation

  • The principles and theory of Morales Method® Academy of Structural Integration

  • The ability to body read/assess in movement using the Stages of Motor Development and the Order of Complexity 

  • The Morales Method® Academy of Structural Integration 10-Series

Learn more about each individual phases of the program below.

Level 1


40 hours/ $1,200- This workshop is the introduction to applying the concepts and theories learned in the online portion of Level 1. The workshop begins by exploring the foundation for body reading and the neuromotor basis of our gait analysis in further depth. This information is then used to create a body reading model which is taught and practiced throughout the rest of the program. Students will practice gait analysis with the instructor’s guidance as they train their eye to see the MMASI™ principles and theories in motion.


The training then involves learning the proper way to palpate and work the tissue via the Concepts of Palpation and the Order of Complexity as they relate to functional patterns. The student will explore both gait analysis and tissue palpation by exploring each of the 10-territories that make up the 10-series, but the student will not practice or receive a 10-series session in Level 1.

MMASI Level 1 Graph.png

MMASI™ Level 1


Hours: 18 Online + 40 In-person = 58 Hours Total
Approximate Cost: $424 + $1,200 = $1,624

In Level 1, the student begins their training with a combination of online classes and in-person workshops. The main goal of Level 1 is to introduce the student to the foundations of MMASI™ (the MMASI™ 10-series, the MMASI™ philosophy & protocol, gait analysis, and the concepts of palpation). The student will have cursory understanding of the foundations of MMASI™ at the end of their Level 1 training.

*It's recommended to complete the online portion BEFORE the in-person portion.

Level 1 requires the completion of the following:


Level 2

MMASI™ Level 2


Hours: 15 Online + 96 In-person + 14 Home Study = 125 Hours Total
Approximate Cost:  $345 + $2,880 +0 = $3,225
Pre-Requisite: Completion of MMASI™ Level 1

In Level 2, the student will have their first opportunity to trade a MMASI™ series with another student under the guidance of the instructor. This will allow the student to bring together all the foundations of MMASI™ for the first time. This section is a combination of online classes, in-person workshops, and home study. 

*It's recommended that the online portion is complete BEFORE the in-person portion of Level 2. The home study assignment should be completed AFTER the in-person portion of Level 2.

Level 2 requires the completion of the following:



  • 96 hours/$2,880- The Level 2 workshop involves the student observing (in-person) a Structural Integration series as done by the instructor on an outside client/model. The student will bear witness to the process of Structural Integration and have the opportunity to ask questions of the instructor in real time. Training will also include each student performing the SI series on a classmate. This will allow each student to experience giving and receiving a full Structural Integration 10-session series under the direct supervision of the instructor in order to focus on their personal embodiment of the SI protocol and philosophy and continue to hone their tissue palpation and gait assessment skills.


Level 3

Level 3 requires the completion of the following:


  • 88 hours/$1,950- In this workshop the student will observe the instructor perform a MMASI™ 10 session series on an outside client/model in real time as they did in Level 2. During this Level 3 series the instructor will take less time to discuss the basics of pulling together the foundations of MMASI™ and will instead focus on the larger essence of the 10-series and its capabilities. The student will give their third series (having completed the Level 2 trade and their home study assignment). The instructor will take more of a back seat during this practice, to allow them to explore the application of the concepts and principles on their own. This series may allow for the opportunity to focus on some of the deepest layers of the body including viscera, intra-oral, and intra-nasal work as they may pertain to the SI protocol and the principles of MMASI™ as it will be the second series that each student has received.

MMASI Level 3 Graph.png

MMASI™ Level 3

Hours: 88 In-person = 88 Hours Total
Approximate Cost$3,080
Pre-Requisite: Completion of MMASI™ Levels 1 & 2 and student must meet program pre-requisites

Level 3 will tie together all that the student has learned in Levels 1 & 2. The student will have the opportunity to practice how to apply MMASI™ theory to a deeper level of series work under the guidance of their instructor. Level 3 will also include some training on advanced techniques like visceral and intraoral work to access deeper territories that can be useful in 10-series work.

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