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What is Getting in Your Way?

Albert Einsteins equation for ego

I’m about to share with you what I believe has been one of the main reasons I’ve been able to find success as a bodyworker. First, a few disclaimers: This is how I got to where I am as a bodyworker. Your way and the specifics of your end goal might be somewhat different and that’s ok. I invite you to make it your own. We also need to factor in that the pandemic will affect your pursuit of success to some extent and we all need to calculate that differently for our own lives and circumstances.

I want to share with you an extremely important observation I’ve made throughout the decades of attending bodywork classes as a student, a TA, and an instructor. Here it is: I’ve noticed that the students who have the most difficulty learning show up to class with an attitude that they don’t have much left to learn. It’s confusing. It seems a huge waste of time and money to show up to a class in order to convince people you know more than anyone, right?! Personally, when attending courses, I do my best to keep quiet and learn from the instructor and everyone else. I want to get the most out of my investment! Over time, I’ve noticed that the more I put my ego aside, the better I am able to learn.

So, that’s it, folks. The biggest thing that’s getting in your way of becoming a better bodyworker is your ego. Coddling the ego closes us off to new possibilities of learning and growth. We aren’t open to answers when we think we already have all of them. Now there’s a big challenge in store for you as you work to leave your ego behind: As you get better your ego will grow. And as it grows you must continue to keep it in check. It’s a constant work in progress, but the reward is amazing.

To get a glimpse of how I work and my thinking process behind the work, I’ve put together a course where you can watch me execute the ten-session Structural Integration series to see me in action!


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