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Why I love Pilates

First off, of course I love Pilates! I'm an SI (Structural Integration) Practitioner! We should all love Pilates!

Back when I first started studying at The Rolf Institute I started to notice definite correlations between Pilates and how we as students were analyzing gait and assessing.

As I honed my SI practice and I developed my own way of Structural Integration (MMASI™) the correlations got stronger.

You see, the way we assess gait and tissue takes into account the Stages of Motor Development. We believe that these stages are a reflection of the neuromotor 'software' that is being laid down as we develop as babies.

Below is a graphic we use to show the major stages of motor development.

A drawn image of the order of complexity

In my classes I show that the majority of the early movement is in the Sagittal Plane. Eventually, we move on to the Coronal plane, the Transverse plane, and then we show the product of all these planes as we display rotation (in the spine).

Here's the similarity to Pilates: When I've done Pilates in the past I experience the thoughtful methodical movements in specific planes (initially, Sagittal). I've noticed how some Pilates instructors will focus on one plane before moving on to another plane. Some instructors may even watch me walk (perhaps using some type of gait assessment technique).

When I think about Pilates, I think of it as a beautiful reflection of 'Conditioning Structural Integration'. :)

I hope that makes sense. I thought I'd share these ideas because we (Pilates and SI) are more similar than you might think. SI has its own philosophy which I love sharing, but I feel we're definitely in the same boat!

Now, if you want to know more about what we do in our world of SI, stay tuned. We are building a brand new course on SI Theory and Gait Assessment. Once we're done editing, you'll be the first to hear it from me. In the meantime, keep doing your awesome work. <3

Take care,



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