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The Most Common Reasons Clients Come to My Private Practice

A bodyworker touching the cervical vertebra of a skeleton in side-lying

I was recently asked in a deep tissue class I was teaching, “what’s the most common reason people come to see you?” My answer, without a doubt, is low back pain, closely followed by neck pain.

Early on in my practice I realized that focusing my efforts in becoming efficient and effective in these areas would greatly benefit both me and my clients. So, I hit the books (as they used to say) and learned everything I could about both the low back and the neck! From the kinesiology and anatomy of the area to techniques that different modalities utilize to address pain in the low back. I explored as much as I could.

As I began to apply what I was learning to help more of my clients, they began to sing my praises to their friends. To some, I was the “neck guy” and to others, I was the answer to low back pain. I don’t claim to have been “the solution” for every person who comes across my table, but for the most part I can say that my efforts paid off in happy clients and a busy practice!

Once I found success for myself, I wanted to share it with others. I wanted other therapists to be able to help as many people as I was and to thrive in their role as Manual Therapists. So, over a decade ago, I began to teach. One of my earliest classes was my Advanced Neck Work course. Today, I have all the knowledge collected over the years about the low back and then neck is distilled into the following online courses you can watch from home!

Check out the links above to learn more about all that these classes have to offer, folks!


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