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Is Personal Power Really All That 'Personal'?

A spider web in the sun

For so many years we’ve heard about the concept of Personal Power; this innate power that we can cultivate and foster to achieve success. I attribute this belief in part to helping me get to where I am today. But, after all the events of 2020, I don’t know anymore if personal power is really all that 'personal'. When I look back at some of my successes, and I really, truly, honestly, go back in time and relive the events, I wasn’t alone at all. There was always someone there with me. Maybe it was my wife giving me feedback, or a dear friend giving me their honest opinion. Maybe it was a number of students all saying the same thing about a concept or topic that I had been teaching. This input from others did not go unnoticed. I responded to these outside influences in order to shift something inside me…to learn and grow. And yes, the change seemed to come from within, but it was sparked by an outside force.

So, really, this personal power thing is not a ‘one-man show’. Personal Power is a community effort. It does not occur in a vacuum, it happens in the intricate web of support that your community provides. On that note, I want to thank you, my community, for helping me with my 'Personal' Power. <3


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