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Introduction to Move in Mind™
with Monica Canducci

Certified Rolfer®, Rolf Movement Practitioner, and Morales Method® Certified Instructor
We're so excited to be holding a 6-hour in-person workshop with Monica Canducci. This workshop is for individuals who want to increase the efficacy of their work and learn more about our full Morales Method® Move in Mind™ certification program. Whether you're a manual therapist, movement or performing arts instructor, or a holistic or somatic therapist, Move in Mind™ will help your clients or students improve their performance and integrate your work more effectively. 

Move in Mind™ is a method aimed at increasing proprioceptive awareness, improving movement coordination and self-regulation, and achieving excellence in any kind of performance. This approach utilizes, mental imagery, word choice, and simple movements to help individuals develop functional motor patterns and postural habits.

The method itself is rooted in the principles of Structural Integration and Beamish Bodymind Balancing®. This method is deeply rooted in science as it was developed by Monica Canducci with support from her husband neuropsychologist, Davide Pierini.

This 6-hour workshop will give you the chance to experience the method firsthand. You'll learn about the history, foundations, and applications of this method as well as get the opportunity to practice some of the Move in Mind™ principles and basics. Students will be led through the movements by Monica, and also get the chance to split into pairs and practice the application of this method. At the end of this workshop, you'll be able to take home some simple movements and exercises to integrate into your practice
to help your clients work with gravity and develop functional motor patterns

Read below to learn more about Monica, the workshop objectives, and FAQs.
Class size is limited, so make sure to click the button below to register now!
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Location: 480 2nd Street, Suite 200,
San Francisco, CA 94107

Supplies: Please wear comfortable athletic wear and bring something to take notes with

Target Audience: Massage & Manual Therapists, Movement Instructors, Performing Arts Instructors, Personal Trainers, & Holistic & Somatic Therapists & Coaches

Workshop Objectives:
  • Understand the importance of the integration of mental imagery in one’s practice to improve effectiveness

  • Learn how our choice of words can affect our posture and movement patterns

  • Learn the history, foundations, and applications of Move in Mind™

  • Discuss how mental images, posture, breathing, and emotional states are intertwined

  • Learn some simple and effective movement explorations to integrate into your practice to help your clients develop more functional motor patterns 

  • Learn some simple and effective movement explorations to integrate into your practice to help your clients deal with gravity and develop functional motor patterns

  • Introduce students to our full, hybrid online Morales Method® Move in Mind™ certification program


About the Instructor:

Monica is a Certified Rolfer®, Rolf Movement®, and HeartMath Practitioner, and Morales Method® Certified Instructor. Since her childhood, she’s been fascinated by connections, always committed to connecting the dots between all the aspects of life and of the human being. For Monica, integration means the complete expression of our human potential, in harmony with the world around us. 

Monica has an artistic, scientific, and spiritual background, and is also a certified Mindfulness, Transformation, and Spiritual Life Coach, and the author of books about self-development and spiritual awareness. Her areas of expertise include Craniosacral Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Life Coaching, NLP, Arts, Music, Dance, Theatre, Yoga, Tai Chi, and Aikido.

Following her calling,  she became a Craniosacral Therapist, and then completed her training as a Certified Rolfer® and Rolf Movement® Practitioner from the Rolf Institute®. Since then she has been working happily as a bodyworker, movement coach, and performer. Learn more about Monica's journey to create Move in Mind™ here.

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This course can be taken as a complete individual workshop, or the hours can be applied to our full hybrid online certification program. If you want to learn more about the details of the Morales Method® Move in Mind™ program, check out our webpage here.
How do I get to the school?

Public Transportation

  • The school is located just a few blocks from both Cal Train and Market St, so there are many ways to access the school via public transportation.


  • There are parking garages close by and you can venture for street parking as well, but it's 1 and 2-hr parking only. We will have a 10-minute break every hour and lunch from 1-1:30pm and you could move your car then.

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What is the cancellation policy?

There will be no refunds within two weeks of the scheduled workshop, only credit toward future workshops.

If cancelled before the two-week window prior to the class, a $50 cancellation fee will be applied. Processing of a participant’s refund will occur within 7-10 business days from the day request is received.

What is the Morales Method® Move in Mind™ Program?

A hybrid online program for movement practitioners, manual therapists, performing arts instructors, holistic therapists, and anyone who wants to get the best results in their practice and performances by exploring movement and “practical neuroplasticity” to enable their clients to create new functional movement patterns and habits.​ Check out the full program details here.

Where will this workshop be held?

This workshop will be held at Bodhi Panya Institute on 2nd Street in the SOMA District of San Francisco, CA. 480 2nd St Ste 200, San Francisco, CA 94107. You will need to ring the buzzer to the left of the entrance to be let into the school or text me (Monica will share her phone number with enrolled students the day before the class).

What will I need to bring?
  • Comfortable athletic wear that allows for unrestricted movement

  • Water (and snacks for yourself, if necessary)

  • Lunch money or bagged lunch (we will take a 30-minute lunch break from 1-1:30pm and have 10-minute breaks every hour-ish.


​What about lunch?

We will take a 30-minute lunch break from 1-1:30pm. You can either bring your own lunch or eat at a restaurant near the school.


Email with any questions

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