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Advanced Neck Work I&II
Las Vegas, Nevada     September 20-22, 2024

with Marty morales, Certified Adv. Rolfer® &
Founder of the Morales Method®

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16 or 24 NCBTMB, NSBMT,& Fl State CE Hours

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Come join Marty Morales in Las Vegas for a 2 or 3-day workshop all about addressing neck pain with manual therapy techniques.


On Friday and Saturday, we'll begin with our Advanced Neck Work I workshop (16.0 CEUs). In this workshop, we'll dive deep into the intricate structural relationships of the muscles and the vertebrae of the cervical spine, how form and function influence one another, and how massage can positively support and improve these relationships.


Then on Sunday 9/22, we'll continue on into our Advanced Neck Work II workshop (8.0 CEUs) to explore techniques that will help you address even the trickiest neck pain cases and conditions. Read below for detailed workshop descriptions, registration links, and FAQs!

We'll have tiered discounts for our early bird specials, so the earlier you register, the better the deal!

Right now, there is a $90 discount for the full weekend (Fri-Sun)!
Click here to learn more about our early bird discounts.

You can join us for Advanced Neck Work I on Friday and Saturday


for Advanced Neck Work I & II (Fri-Sun) for a whole weekend of exploration and fun with the Morales Method®!

There are only 13 spots left for these workshops, so make sure to save your seat and register by clicking the button below before it's too late, folks! 


Advanced Neck Work I (16.0 NCBTMB, NSBMT, & FL State CEUs)

Date: September 20-21, 2024 from 9am-6pm

Instructor: Marty Morales, Certified Advanced Rolfer®, CMT (learn more about Marty here)

Cost: ANW I- $375 ($295 our deepest Early Bird Discount of Ends 4/19)

Program Description: In this two-day workshop, you'll be taught the skills to track down dysfunction in the neck and the techniques to work deeply and effectively with clients’ trouble spots in order to restore balance, relieve pain, and improve range of motion and overall function.

You'll learn how vertebrae behave in movement using Fryette’s Law. We'll then explore how to apply this knowledge of vertebral movement to our tissue work. We will explore how to work tissue attaching to the spinous processes (and other parts of the vertebrae) paired with gentle movements to de-rotate vertebra. At the end of this course, you'll know how to use manual therapy techniques to work the soft tissues in the neck and address rotations in the cervical vertebra.

Suggested Program Prerequisite: 40-minute FREE Morales Method® Concepts of Palpation Online Course

Program Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the Morales Method® Concepts of Palpation and how to apply them to create unique sessions based on your clients' needs.

  2. Learn how to palpate for rotated cervical vertebra and utilize Spinal Mechanics to create techniques to help de-rotate vertebra via soft tissue.

  3. Learn how to work the superficial and deep musculature of the posterior, anterior, and lateral neck. 

  4. Learn techniques to help your clients with both acute and chronic neck pain.

​Target audience: Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Certified Athletic Trainers


Advanced Neck Work II (8.0 NCBTMB, NSBMT, & FL State CEUs)

Date: September 22, 2024 from 9am-6pm

Instructor: Marty Morales, Certified Advanced Rolfer®, CMT (learn more about Marty here)

Program Description: This one-day class continues with further exploration of the spinal mechanics of the neck to address issues of the cervical spine like anterior shifts and sideways curvatures. We'll also discuss common conditions such as dowager's hump, bulging and herniated discs, stenosis, and degenerative disc disease. Additionally, you'll learn how to bring greater range of motion to the atlas and work deep within the anterior neck. 

Program Prerequisite: Completion of Advanced Neck Work I

Program Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn how to help clients with dowager's hump.

  2. Learn how to apply Spinal Mechanics to create advanced techniques to help de-rotate vertebra and help with sideways curvatures and anterior shifts.

  3. Learn how to navigate helping clients with herniated and bulging discs, stenosis, and degenerative disc disease.

  4. Learn how to work with the atlas and soft tissue techniques for working with the anterior neck.

​Target audience: Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Certified Athletic Trainers

Early Bird
Frequently Asked Questions

Will this workshop offer CEUs?
These workshops are approved by NCBTMB, the Florida Board of Massage Therapy, and the Nevada State Board of Massage Therapy. The workshops have been approved for the following hours:

  • 16.0 CEUs for Advanced Neck Work I

  • 8.0 CEUs for attending Advanced Neck Work II

  • Students who attend the full weekend (Friday-Sunday) will accrue 24.0 CEUs total. 

We cannot offer partial credit if you're late. You'll receive a digital certificate of completion at the end of the course that you can submit to your state board for credit.


Can I still get CEU credit if I'm late or can only attend part of the workshop?

No. We cannot issue a certificate of completion for the workshop unless you're on time and are present for the full day. For example, we cannot offer 4 hours of credit if you can only attend for four hours. 


What is the cancellation policy?

There will be no refunds within two weeks of the scheduled workshop, only credit toward future workshops.


Where will these workshops be held?

We'll hold the workshops at the European Massage Therapy School in Las Vegas, a local massage school just 20 minutes from the Vegas Strip. The address for the school is: 9440 W. Sahara Ave., Suite 250, Las Vegas, NV 89117.

What will I need to bring?

Because we're holding the course at a massage school, you will not need to bring a table. The school will provide massage tables for our use.

You will need to bring:

  • A tank top or sports bra to wear when receiving the work

  • Sheets for your table (1 fitted sheet and a face cradle cover or pillowcase)

  • Water (and snacks for yourself, if necessary)

  • Lunch money or bagged lunch (the school is located in a shopping center with restaurants where you can eat lunch)

What about lunch?

We'll take an hour lunch break from 1pm-2pm. You can either bring your own lunch (there is a small kitchen with a microwave and a sink at the school) or you can explore the shopping center in which the school is located to buy a lunch. Here is the link to the google maps to see what's available.

Is there parking available?

Yes, you can park in the parking lot outside the school for free while attending the workshop.

I'm traveling from afar to attend, where can I stay?

It's Las Vegas, so if you want to go big and make this a bit of a work vacation, stay at the strip! It's just 20 minutes from the school (depending on where you stay along the strip). But if you're looking to take the more conservative route, there is a La Quinta Inn & Suites right next to the school and plenty of Airbnb options within walking distance of the school.

Please feel free to email us at with any questions!


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