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Red Cross Adult First Aid/CPR/AED Training

for Manual Therapists, Personal Trainers, & Movement Instructors

November 3rd, 2023

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Learn how you can be the first, first responder for your clients.

Have you ever wondered what you would do if your client had a health emergency during one of your sessions or classes?


Or maybe this has already happened to you, and you wish you'd known how to help outside of calling 9-1-1 and waiting for EMS to arrive.

If so, this 4-hour course will teach you the skills you need to know to best respond to medical emergencies that may arise in your practice, gym, or studio. This American Red Cross Training Course will cover how to execute proper CPR and utilize an AED as well as how to respond to sudden illnesses like strokes and seizures. 

We all hope that we would never encounter emergencies such as this in our practices, but they can happen at anytime! This class will help you feel prepared, so that you know the best way to help your clients when they're in need.

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Click the button below to register ($120) and read below for more details and FAQs.
The class size is limited to 12 students, so make sure to save your spot today!

Adult First Aid/CPR/AED

November 3, 2023 from 10am-2:30pm

Class Size is Limited to 12 students


Instructor: Caroline Moncure, CMT, Red Cross Certified Instructor

Program Description

The Adult First Aid/CPR/AED course is a comprehensive training program where you'll learn how to recognize and care for a variety of first aid emergencies such as burns, cuts, scrapes, sudden illnesses (seizures, stroke, heart attack, asthma attacks, etc.), head, neck, & back injuries, heat and cold emergencies, and how to respond to breathing and cardiac emergencies for victims about 12 years and older. You'll learn when and how to properly conduct Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on an individual and how to safely and effectively use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). We will discuss and practice the proper steps of care for all previously mentioned emergencies, including when to call 9-1-1. 


This course is geared toward practitioners of the healthcare & wellness world working with individuals or groups including Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Personal Trainers, Yoga & Pilates Instructors, Athletic Trainers, & more. Whether you have a private practice, or you work in a studio, gym, or clinic, we'll discuss how to personalize the required standardized curriculum presented by this American Red Cross training and make it easy to integrate into your existing business. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate for Adult First Aid/CPR/AED valid for two years from the American Red Cross. This course is fully in-person with no online training requirements.

Program Learning Objectives:

  1. Recognize life-threatening conditions and situations that necessitate calling 9-1-1 or the designated emergency number

  2. Describe how to check and injured or ill person who is responsive or a person who appears to be unresponsive, and the appropriate next steps based on the results of that check

  3. Recognize the signs or symptoms of a heart attack or cardiac arrest and the differences between the two

  4. Demonstrate how to perform CPR

  5. Demonstrate the proper use of an AED

  6. Recognize when a person is choking and demonstrate the appropriate care

  7. Recognize shock and describe appropriate care

  8. Recognize and respond to common sudden illnesses including stroke, breathing emergencies, diabetic emergencies, seizures, and fainting

  9. Recognize and respond to common injuries including open wounds, burns, muscle, bone and joint injuries, and head, neck and spinal injuries.

  10. Recognize and respond to common environmental emergencies including heat-related illnesses, cold-related emergencies, and poisoning

​​Target audience: Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Certified Athletic Trainers, Osteopaths, Pilates Trainers, Yoga Instructors, Personal Trainers, and anyone who works with individuals or groups in the health & wellness field.

Instructor Caroline Moncure

Caroline Moncure CMT, MMASI™ Practitioner, Pain Specialist, and Licensed American Red Cross Training Provider is a bodyworker trained in Structural Integration. Having received her CMT certificate in 2016 in San Francisco, CA, Caroline immediately knew she was looking to dive deeper into the practice of bodywork and completed her training in Structural Integration with the Morales Method® in 2018.

Caroline has had a successful private practice in San Francisco since 2016 while also running a marketing consulting business for bodyworkers and healthcare practitioners. She’s helped private practitioners and schools increase sales, design websites, film online courses, and create thriving social media communities. As for teaching experience, Caroline has been assisting Marty Morales since 2018 and began teaching Deep Tissue Massage, Business, Ethics, Pathology, and Health & Hygiene at Bodhi Panya Institute in 2022 and Morales Method® Workshops at Massage Therapy Institute in Davis in 2023.

Caroline first became Red Cross Certified in 2019 and then took the training to become certified as an instructor to create more opportunities for practitioners in the health & wellness field to learn this valuable information.


Can I still get certified if I'm late or can only attend part of the workshop?

No. I cannot issue a certificate of completion for the workshop unless you're on time and are present for the full day. For example, I cannot offer 2 hours of credit if you can only attend for 2 hours. 


What is the cancellation policy?

There will be no refunds within two weeks of the scheduled workshop, only credit toward future workshops.

If cancelled before the two-week window prior to the class, a $50 cancellation fee will be applied. Processing of a participant’s refund will occur within 7-10 business days from the day the request is received.

Where will this workshop be held?

This workshop will be held at Bodhi Panya Institute on 2nd Street in the SOMA District of San Francisco, CA. 480 2nd St Ste 200, San Francisco, CA 94107. You will need to ring the buzzer to the left of the entrance to be let into the school or text me (I will share my phone number with enrolled students the day before the class).

What should I wear?

Please wear clothes that you can comfortably move around in. Jeans are ok as long as you can easily kneel in them to demonstrate CPR. Please do not wear low-cut shirts, dresses, or skirts. 

What will I need to bring?

I will provide all necessary equipment for the training (AEDs & Manikins).

Before the course begins you will be given a code to access your e-manual for the course. You cannot print this manual out. If you prefer to have a printed manual, you must purchase it ahead of time from the Red Cross here. You may also want to bring a pen and paper to take notes. ​

What about lunch?

Because this is such a short class, we'll only take a 30-minute lunch break from 12-12:30. Please bring something to snack on. The school has a microwave and a small kitchen for your use if you want to warm something up to eat. Please also bring water or something to drink for the day.

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How do I get to the school?

Public Transportation

  • The school is located just a few blocks from both Cal Train and Market St, so there are many ways to access the school via public transportation.


  • There are parking garages close by and you can venture for street parking as well, but it is 1 and 2-hr parking only. We will have a 10-minute break every hour and lunch from 12-12:30 and you could move your car then.

I look forward to seeing you at this workshop! If you have any questions, please email me at
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