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What we are doing to keep you safe

Hey Folks, 
I hope you all are well. I want to make sure that you are aware of the changes being made to my practice to ensure your safety and reduce the potential for the spread of COVID-19.
A lot of the changes I will be making are based on the guidelines released by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards. Please feel free to check them out here.
What the FSMBT has released are suggestions (not requirements) based on information from the CDC. I am also following the required protocols laid out by the San Francisco Department of Health now that Massage Therapy is allowed to resume in the City.
The list below includes just some of the changes that will be happening in my practice:
  • Using plastic sheets and face cradle covers to more effectively sanitize with EPA approved disinfectants
  • Client and myself will be wearing a face mask during sessions and I will also utilize a face shield when working certain parts of the body (head, neck, and shoulders)
  • Providing hand sanitizer and face masks for clients
  • Giving myself an hour between sessions to clean according to CDC protocols and air out the space
  • Using a HEPA Air filter as well as opening windows during sessions
  • Furniture in the room will be covered in plastic for more effective cleaning
You can also check out this video to get a sneak peek at how some of these changes are manifesting in my space at the Flood Building!
We are now allowed to practice Massage in SF so if you have seen me before and would like to book with me, reference the schedule button in any of my newsletters. If you are a new client looking to book a session, please email me at to schedule your Free 15-minute phone consultation!
If you have any questions about any of these changes or you even just want to check-in, please feel free to email/text me as always! I am so happy to be back at work and am looking forward to seeing you and catching up with what has been going on in your life!
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