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The Morales Method® of Manual Therapy & Body Conditioning
provides Bodyworkers with powerful tools and knowledge that will help their clients get out of pain, improve their posture, and empower them to stay out of pain.  These bodywork therapy and educational services are the culmination of over a decade of work and training by Marty Morales and encompasses his philosophy of always evolving to develop new methods and techniques.  


The Morales Method® has three branches of study that lead to distinct certifications.  

  • The Certified Practitioner program is specifically geared for addressing pain issues.

  • The Deep Tissue Techniques "Deep Tech" program is a comprehensive training of Deep Tissue manual therapy.

  • The third program is a complete and unique approach to Structural Integration under the school, MMASI.  


All studies employ advanced tissue palpation systems called 'Directional Resistance' and ‘Directional Ease’ and a philosophy/style of work that fosters constant research and progress.  The most effective techniques from effective modalities are synthesized and governed by a way of working called the Order of Complexity.  The Order of Complexity is based on child stages of motor development and addresses issues from a deep nervous system level.  Order of Complexity drives the order in which the techniques are used by a practitioner of the Morales Method.  This way of working creates a bodyworker who is able to adapt to different client situations. 


"The Morales Method classes have increased my confidence & palpation skills to work more efficiently & effectively with my clients."

Morales Method®
Pain Specialist


The student who completes this program will be skilled in highly effective techniques to address neck and low back pain, other common conditions, and will have the ability to do so with safe body mechanics. The student is exposed to the main principles of the Morales Method® as well as high level palpation and spinal mechanics.  An exam is taken to test for competency.  More Information

Morales Method® 
Core Integration Therapist
Structural Integration training for the practitioner who wants to become a Morales Method® Core Integration Therapist. Training starts with the Morales Method Core Integration 1 course and progresses through 4 other levels.  The practitioner is introduced to a way of body reading, assessment, and work that is highly effective and influenced by the work of Dr. Ida P. Rolf.   More Information
Morales Method®
Deep Tissue Therapist


A full and comprehensive training covering all aspects on the subject of Deep Tissue Therapy, this program was designed by Art Riggs, the author of, "Deep Tissue Massage - A Visual Guide to Techniques" and international instructor.  This program represents some of the best training any practitioner can achieve on the subject. 

More Information

All Morales Method courses are approved as continuing education hours by The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) .


As of January 1, 2017 practitioners will need a state certification before taking the Core Integration 1 course.  Click HERE for more information.


Once all necessary classes are completed, an exam and license agreement will need to be successfully completed in order to be able to use the trademark title.

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