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Take Your Deep Tissue Skills to the Next Level!

Do you want to set yourself apart from your co-workers and peers?

Have you been noticing your body mechanics could use a little tune up? Or maybe you're feeling that you're ready to take the next step to learn how to work with your clients' pain issues. This three-day workshop will give you the opportunity to get back into the classroom environment and hone your deep tissue approach. 

Join me, Caroline Moncure, for a three-day Deep Tissue 2 intensive on June 11th-13th to further your training in the Morales Method® Deep Tissue Certification Program to become a Morales Method® Certified Deep Tissue Specialist (learn more in the FAQs below). This course is for students who've completed their Deep Tissue Training with Marty Morales and Caroline Moncure at Bodhi Panya Institute and want to advance their deep tissue skills.

Register by 5/5 to take advantage of the Early Bird Discount. Starting May 6th, the rate will increase to $480, so take advantage of this $50 discount before it's gone by clicking the button below!


Deep Tissue 2

June 11th-13th

with Caroline Moncure, CMT, MMASI™ Practitioner, Pain Specialist

Program Description: This three-day workshop includes specific instruction on how to help clients get out of pain with Deep Tissue Techniques. We will take time to briefly review some of the foundations of the Morales Method® approach to deep tissue that you learned in your previous Deep Tissue training including body mechanics and the Morales Method® Concepts of Palpation. Then we'll take a deep dive into areas that bodyworkers commonly encounter to hone the application of your deep tissue skills to help your clients find relief from pain. Please make sure to bring any and all questions to this class to make sure that you get what you need to improve your practice! This class is eligible for 24 hrs of credit within the Morales Method® Deep Tech Program should the student want to pursue further training.

Suggested Program Prerequisite: 40-minute FREE Morales Method® Concepts of Palpation Online Course (Includes Thai Subtitles!)​

Program Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the Morales Method® Concepts of Palpation and how to apply them to create unique sessions based on your clients' needs

  2. Body Mechanics to help you create deep work with little effort

  3. Learn advanced techniques for helping clients with common issues like back pain and neck pain

​Target audience: Bodhi Panya Institute students or graduates who've completed their 60-hrs of Deep Tissue training with Marty Morales & Caroline Moncure 

Instructor Caroline Moncure

Caroline Moncure CMT, MMASI™ Practitioner, Pain Specialist is a bodyworker trained in Structural Integration. Having received her CMT certificate in 2016 in San Francisco, CA, Caroline immediately knew she was looking to dive deeper into the practice of bodywork and completed her training in Structural Integration with the Morales Method® in 2018. Caroline has had a successful private practice in San Francisco since 2016 while also running a marketing consulting business for bodyworkers and healthcare practitioners. She’s helped private practitioners and schools increase sales, design websites, film online courses, and create thriving social media communities. As for teaching experience, Caroline has been assisting Marty Morales since 2018 and began teaching Deep Tissue Massage, Business, Ethics, Pathology, and Health & Hygiene at Bodhi Panya Institute in 2022.



What is the Morales Method® Deep Tissue Program?

A 50-hour comprehensive training covering all aspects on the subject of Deep Tissue Therapy, this program represents some of the best training a practitioner can receive on the subject. Instructors are highly skilled and up to date on the latest science surrounding deep tissue.​ This program also has a unique focus on body mechanics, which will be reinforced and addressed with each technique taught. Completing this program will set you apart and give you the opportunity to show your clients, employers, and peers that you're a certified deep tissue specialist who has received training that goes beyond what you learned in your basic massage certification training. 

How do I complete the Deep Tissue Program?

All you need to do to finish your training for the Deep Tissue Program and qualify for licensure is complete this three day course!

How do I become Morales Method® Certified?

Once you complete the workshop, you must fill out a License Agreement with the Morales Method® and complete one of the license exchanges (a yearly $175 fee, 12 social media posts, or 8-hrs of online or in-person education with the Morales Method®). In January of each year, you'll be required to fill out a new agreement. 


Can I still get certified if I'm late or can only attend part of the workshop?

No. I cannot issue a certificate of completion for the workshop unless you're on time and are present for the full day. For example, we cannot offer 4 hours of credit if you can only attend for four hours. 

Where will this workshop be held?
Day 1 of this workshop will be held on on Sunday, June 11th at the San Francisco School of Massage in the Mission District. The final two days of this workshop will be held on Monday-Tuesday, June 12-13 at Bodhi Panya Institute on Bryant St. 

What will I need to bring?

Because we're holding the course at massage schools, you will not need to bring a table. The schools will provide massage tables for our use.

You will need to bring:

  • Shorts and a tank top or sports bra to wear when receiving the work

  • Sheets for your table (1 fitted sheet and a face cradle cover or pillow case)

  • Water (and snacks for yourself, if necessary)

  • Lunch money or bagged lunch

What about lunch?

We will take an hour lunch break from 1pm-2pm. You can either bring your own lunch, or eat at a restaurant near the school.

I look forward to seeing you at this workshop! If you have any questions, please email me at
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