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Resources for Bodyworkers 

Hey Folks, 
This page is a collection of resources and information for Bodyworkers to use to support themselves and their practice. This website and its creator are based in San Francisco, CA, but not all of the information that we have supplied only applies to California and the Bay Area.
If you have any resources to share that are not included here, please email us at and we will make sure to include it on the page!
While this will be a tough time for us, we will make it to the other side of this together! Below are all the videos on ways to take care of your practice during this time that we have created through the Morales Method®. Check them out if you are looking for some support!
Take care of yourselves everyone!

Reopening Your Practice

Loans/Financial Relief

San Francisco​ Specific
Federal Resources

Who to Contact

  • ABMP Sample Letter
    • We suggest you make the following edits to this letter
      • Add the term "economic injury"​ to the verbiage
      • Make sure the numbers reflect your income accurately as wages for massage therapists vary greatly depending on your location
    • Who to send this letter to:​
      • Find your Elected Officials here
        • Definitely Reach out to your Congressperson, Senator, and Governor, but feel free to reach out to more local officials as well!
      • District Supervisor​ (Linked to SF Supervisors)
  • AMTA Petition
  • Contact your Landlord (in writing!)
    • Make sure they know that you cannot work during this​ time
    • Important terms to include
      • Forbearance- the action of refraining from exercising a legal right, especially enforcing the payment of a debt​
      • Deferment- the action or fact of putting something off to a later time; postponement
      • Make sure to also specifically mention "COVID-19"
    • Check with your local area to see what options are available (some examples from CA are below)

Ways to Support Your Clients

  • Check in on them with a text, phone call, or email (especially your more vulnerable clients)​​.
  • Create self massage videos to send out in your newsletter or share on your social media.
    • Show clients how to use massage tools (theracane, tennis ball, baseball, etc) or their own hands​.
    • Spend some time discussing the art of your touch with them so they can understand how to nurture themselves in this way. Many people do not have the skillful touch that we do as bodyworkers.
  • Share resources for meditation, grounding, movement, recipes for food or immune support, and other forms of self-care that you may use in your own life.
  • Keep clients up to date with your practice as things continue to develop. They will want to know when things get moving again and will be craving the support that we provide once it is safe for us to begin practicing again.

Miscellaneous Resources

Facebook Groups
Other Resources
  • How to make your own CDC compliant face mask
  • Reporting Price Gouging in the Bay Area
    • If you have experienced any price gouging in your local area make sure to look up the laws and how to report.

* Reminder, if you have any resources to add to this list, please email them to!

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