Have you ever wanted the opportunity to peek behind the curtain into the world of the Structural Integration 10-Series?

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In this course, you will get a sneak peek into Session 2 of the Morales Method® Academy of Structural Integration's 10-Series. In these 15 minutes, you will get to see me:

  1. Do a walking assessment on a client

  2. Assess the tissue with specific palpation techniques

  3. Create a tissue work strategy based on my assessments

  4. Re-assess the client in walking to see the results!

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This free preview will give you an understanding of the flow of an SI series session as I discuss theory behind Structural Integration from the Morales Method® approach while working on a client.

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Structural Integration is an art
The world of Structural Integration is constantly conducting clinical research in order to support its work, but let's be clear, SI is an art and a philosophy first and foremost.

Because of this you must experience it and see it in action to understand it and now you can for FREE!


Testimonial From a Morales Method® Academy of Structural Integration Student:

"What an amazing opportunity to be able to watch Marty take a client through the 10-Series! It is so helpful to be able to have access to this level of SI information without having to commit to thousands of dollars of tuition that is required by other schools to learn this theory! Thank you, Marty!"- C.M. 

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