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Morales Method® Academy of SI™ in Japan!

This year we will be holding three, 2-hr live online classes in preparation for our in person Morales Method® Academy of Structural Integration (MMASI™) Level 1 workshop in Japan this Fall.


These live online classes are open to all individuals who are interested in learning about MMASI™ or pursuing certification. Classes will be taught in English and translated to Japanese in real time, so both English and Japanese speaking students are welcome! 


Classes will be held at 4-6pm Pacific Time on Zoom on the following dates:

  • Saturday, March 4th 

  • Saturday, June 10th

  • Saturday, September 9th

For those who are interested in our MMASI™ program, these hours will count toward your certification. Please email us at for more information. 


Read below for a breakdown of the topics for each class.

Introduction to Structural Integration and MMASI™ Theory
Saturday, March 4th from 4-6pm Pacific Time

This course is an overview of the foundations of the Morales Method®. I will briefly discuss the Concepts of Palpation, Theory and Principles of Morales Method® Academy of Structural Integration, and a breakdown of the MMASI 10-Series. This is meant to be an introduction to these concepts. The second half of this course will be a discussion on the Morales Method® Approach to Fascia.

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