Do you feel there's more to bodywork than meets the eye?

After I finished my basic massage training and settled into my role as a bodyworker, I began to feel the same way. I realized the depth of the work I was doing everyday with my clients went far beyond what I could see and had the potential to go even further. I was working with so much more than just the tissue beneath my hands.


My work was not only affecting  my clients, but was creating opporunities for

personal growth as well.


While I loved doing the deep tissue massages I had learned in basic training and I could do so much to help my clients with the pain they were experiencing, I also felt there was another level. This other level wasn't necessarily just about skill, rather it focused a little more on personal growth for me. As I continued to work I started having more philosophical questions about the work that weren't being answered in most modalities I had encountered.

Then I found Structural Integration.


A whole new perspective on the work I was doing with my client's was presented to me and it resonated so deeply. As I continued to pursue this work I realized the instruction was less centered around techniques and more focused on philosophy. I began to view what I was learning as an art, similarly to the way I had viewed my martial arts training, rather than a science. 

Structural Integration is an art

The world of Structural Integration is constantly conducting clinical research in order to support its work, but I think it's important to remember that SI is an art and a philosophy first and foremost.


For this reason, it is vital to experience it and see it in action to truly understand it.


Up until very recently, it's been rather hard to get to peek behind the curtain of SI. I was fortunate to have a mentor trained in SI to give me insight and assure me that pursuing the commitment of training in SI was the right choice. But not all of us have this access.

Exploring if Structural Integration is right for you has become easier than ever!

Now that I have my own school of Structural Integration, I am happy to have the opportunity to make this information more accessible to all. SI is a unique way of approaching bodywork and it isn't for everyone. I want to make sure you have the opportunity to see if this work resonates with you and the vision you have for your practice.

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