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Are you interested in the art of working in a series with your clients?

There came a point in my practice where I began to feel the urge to create a thread or an arc that connected multiple sessions I had with an individual client. I wasn't exactly sure how to execute this, as my basic massage education mainly taught me how to create an individual session. After some exploring, I learned that "working in a series" can be a profound way to work with your clients. 

When I started exploring this strategy of working in a series alone in my private practice, I quickly became overwhelmed about where to go first and how to make the sessions feel as if they were connected. I had given myself the freedom to break the work down into a series of sessions, but I didn't know how to go about doing it. 

Then, I discovered the art of working in the Structural Integration 10-Series.

When I first received an SI 10-Series, it blew my mind as a recipient and as a bodyworker. It felt like a complete paradigm shift on so many levels. I was able to see the body as a whole, and as parts, in ways I had never seen it before.


The real art of the session was how the practitioner utilized the walking assessment to create a strategy. Within the new territory each session covered, it seemed that this SI therapist knew exactly where to start each session based on these walking assessments.


The "recipe" of the 10-series combined with this walking assessment allowed for an exploration of my whole body in a way that I had not yet experienced during the years of bodywork I had received previously. I immediately knew that I wanted to learn how to incorporate the 10-Series into my practice so that I could facilitate this experience for my clients. I have found that many of my students have felt the same way I did and I am always grateful for their feedback!

"Marty is not only a phenomenal bodyworker, he is a great educator. As a client, I value what he has done for me with Rolfing, hands down his method works. As a student, seeing how he teaches and being able to co-relate that to work I have received from him helps me see the bigger picture "full circle". I recommend the 10 session series, It has changed the way I walk and the way I think about my own movement. Highly recommended. This man and method changed my life!" -H.S.

Working in this way continues to open my eyes to new ways of thinking about the body.

Each time I go through a series with a client, I feel like I understand the intricacies of the body in a different way. Maybe I learn more about how one body part can affect another in a way I had never considered. Or maybe I get a new insight into how our relationship to our bodies can affect us physically. Sometimes, I even feel like I learn something about myself when working this way. Whatever the lesson is, it always helps my practice grow stronger. 


Over the years, the 10-Series has been the bread and butter of my practice.


Clients love receiving this work. The 10-series allows the time and space to give my clients attention and work in a way they have never received. I have found that even the most body-aware clients walk away having become even more in touch with their bodies. I have had many clients go through multiple series over the years and we learn something new every time! I am grateful to be in a position where I can now share this way of working with other practitioners. Click the button below to see how you can learn the secrets of the 10-series.

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