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Jump Start Your Structural Integration Training!

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This year we'll be holding three separate 2-hr live online classes in preparation for our in-person Morales Method® Academy of Structural Integration (MMASI™) Level-1 workshop in Japan this Fall.


These classes will be an introduction to the MMASI™ approach to Structural Integration. So, whether you're just curious to peek behind the curtain of Structural Integration or you're ready to dive into your training, these live online courses are a great place to start! Classes are open to all individuals interested in learning more about MMASI™ or pursuing certification.


The lectures will be taught in English by Marty Morales and translated to Japanese in real time, so both English and Japanese speaking students are welcome! 


You can sign up for any individual meeting for $190 (links below) or you can register for all three classes here at a discounted rate of $460. Classes are recorded, so even if you've missed one you can still register for all three at a discount and receive the recordings for the classes missed.


Classes will be held in Pacific Time on Zoom on the following dates:

For those who are interested in our MMASI™ program, these hours will count toward your certification. Please email us at for more information. 


Read below for a breakdown of the topics for each class.
March 4th
Introduction to Structural Integration and MMASI™ Theory
Saturday, March 4th from 4-6pm Pacific Time

This class is an overview of the foundations of the Morales Method®. I will briefly discuss the Concepts of Palpation which is the way that we palpate and work the tissue. You will learn the Theory and Principles of Morales Method® Academy of Structural Integration including the Order of Complexity and the Protocol for the MMASI™ approach to SI. I will briefly cover the MMASI 10-Series and finally we'll discuss the Morales Method® Approach to Fascia.


This class is a thorough introduction to the following concepts:

  • The Morales Method® Concepts of Palpation

  • Theory and Principles of MMASI™

  • The MMASI™ 10-Series

  • The Morales Method® Approach to Fascia

This class has already been held, but you can still purchase the recording for $190 by clicking the button below. We'll email you the link to the course within 24-hrs of the receipt of payment.

June 10th
A Deep Dive into the MMASI™ 10-Series and Gait Analysis
Saturday, June 10th from 5-7pm Pacific Time

This course will take a deep dive into the MMASI™ 10-series and how MMASI™ theory and principles are applied to movement assessment in walking. We'll go over each of the 10 sessions of the MMASI™ series to discuss the territories and primary MMASI™ principles present. We'll then discuss our primary movement assessment, gait analysis, and you will watch a demonstration as Marty analyzes the gait of a live model in real time.

In this class, we-

  • Discussed the details of all 10-sessions of the MMASI™ Series

  • Discussed the practice of gait analysis

  • Demonstrated gait analysis

This class has already been held, but you can still purchase the recording for $190 by clicking the button below. We'll email you the link to the course within 24-hrs of the receipt of payment.

Sept. 9th
Live Demo of a Structural Integration Session
Saturday, September 2nd from 5-7pm Pacific Time

Watch Marty as he demonstrates a 60-minute Structural Integration Session in real time. The session will include gait assessment and table work as Marty shares his strategy and discusses his application of the MMASI™ principles and theory as he works. You will have the opportunity to witness and ask questions throughout the session.

The registration rate for this individual meeting is $190, please click the button below to register now!

This class will meet virtually on ZOOM. You will receive a link to the meeting 10-minutes before the class begins via email.

We're so excited to be holding these classes to create the opportunity for students around the world to come together to learn about the Morales Method® Academy of Structural Integration! Remember you're welcome to join us for any of the individual workshops OR you can register for the all three workshops at a discounted rate by clicking the button below (we will send you a link to the recording of any courses you missed)!

If you're interested in learning more about the Morales Method® Academy of Structural Integration Certification program, you can check out more details here. These three classes count as certification hours for those interested in pursuing certification.

Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing us at
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