What are the TOP three things

you need to know in order to bring fast neck pain relief?

Learn the techniques Athletic Trainers and Structural Integrators use to bring

rib and shoulder pain relief to their clients
(Four workshops over two days in Las Vegas!)

In the upcoming four days, manual therapists, Pilates Instructors, Athletic Trainers, and Yoga teachers will all learn effective way to assess issues in their clients and how to deal with them to relieve pain.  
We've broken these classes out into four classes spread over two days, (December 8 & 9, 2018) in fantastic Las Vegas in order to help you get the most for your time and energy.  Here are the classes:

If you've never taken a class with Sharon Oshita or myself, you will instantly realize we do not push to convince the student our method is superior or is the 'end all be all' of techniques. 

We understand bodyworkers have learned a variety of modalities and we offer up what we know in a way that will allow the student to successfully integrate what we share into their existing practice.

We love to share information and REALLY LOVE to share how the information can be successfully applied!  For instance, here's a brief clip of rib mechanics in breathing:

Once you understand rib mechanics and couple it with spinal mechanics, then you will be able to palpate and assess possible 'tweaked' ribs and help your client get out of a potential painful situation.  Again, this work can be integrated into almost any existing practice.

Want to hear it from the source?  Here are brief audio clips with Sharon Oshita where she discusses her background and also covers what to expect in her Shoulder Complex class:

Sharon Oshita's bio -
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Shoulder Complex Class - Description
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We'd love to see you in Vegas!  Are you ready to sign up?

Click here for more information and registration.  See you in Vegas in December!