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Deep Tissue - Common Injuries

with Marty Morales, Certified Advanced Rolfer™, CMT (NCBTMB #451212-10) founder of the Morales Method® of Manual Therapy and Body Conditioning

This Deep Tissue manual therapy course covers manual therapy techniques for three of the most common musculoskeletal conditions and will show the student how to work in order to address:

1.  Low Back Pain

2.  Neck Pain – Through Advanced Neck Work and Spinal Mechanics

3.  Carpal Tunnel and Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis)

In this three day 24 hour workshop you will:

1.  Learn real world techniques used by advanced professionals that have helped get clients out of pain. 
2.  Learn valuable assessment and pathology knowledge for each condition

3.  Learn how to hone your palpation skills in order to feel for tissue tension and work with the tissue in a way that positively affects the client’s condition

This course is part of the Morales Method® Pain Specialist Program.

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Date: June 10, 17, 24, 2019 (all Mondays)

Time: 9:00am – 6:00pm (24 C.E. Hours)

Cost: $400.00

Location:  480 2nd Street, Suite 200,
San Francisco, CA 94107
Prerequisite: Previous massage training

Supplies: Please bring one sheet, shorts, and a sports bra/tank top


Based on Marty’s experience with Structural Integration, work with Osteopaths, teaching experience, and his years of working with clients, the information and skills taught in this class provide an opportunity for bodyworkers to effectively incorporate Deep Tissue Massage Therapy into their practice.  After this workshop, a practitioner will have the skill set necessary to:

  • Effectively assess and work the lower back

  • Work with rotated vertebrae from a soft tissue approach

  • Assess and address Frozen Shoulder

  • Obtain great results on clients with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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About the Instructor:

Marty Morales, Certified Advanced Rolfer™, CMT was taught Structural Integration by students of Ida P. Rolf.  He is the author of the books “Mastering Body Mechanics” and “Morales Method® Core Integration Therapy”.  In 2018, Marty opened his own school in Nevada and California called the Morales Method® Academy of Structural Integration.  He is also an international instructor, spreading the knowledge of the Morales Method® to Japan, Poland, Switzerland, and Taiwan.  Over the last thirteen years, Marty has taught throughout California and the U.S. and has lectured at the San Francisco Academy of Sciences.  He has taught thousands of students and his techniques have been adopted by spas throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.


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