Are you interested in exploring the body in a unique way?

When I first began my practice, I started to have the feeling of wanting to create a thread or a story that connected multiple sessions I had with an individual client. I learned that this way of working was categorized as "working in a series". 

When I started exploring this strategy of working in a series in my private practice, a sense of overwhelm started about where to go first and how to make the series feel complete and connected. All of a sudden, I had the freedom to break the work down into a series of sessions, but I didn't know how to do it. 

Then I discovered the art of working in the Structural Integration 10-Series.

When I first received a 10-Series, it blew my mind as the recipient and as a bodyworker. It felt like a complete paradigm shift on so many levels. I was able to see the body as a whole and as parts in a way I had never experienced before.


As the recipient I felt that my relationship to my body had changed significantly. I had become aware of connections between certain areas, blind spots, and sensitive areas that had never been explored during the many massages I had received previously. I immediately knew that I wanted to learn how to incorporate the 10-Series into my practice.

Check out the video below to hear how learning to work with the 10-Series also completely changed [name's] view of their bodywork, as well! 

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