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What are the TOP three things

you need to know in order to bring fast neck pain relief?

Let me show you how I bring

neck pain relief to my clients
(I do these three things!)

In my Advanced Neck Work DVD I don't show you HOW TO DO IT.  I show you HOW I DO IT.  I've helped thousandof clients get neck pain relief by:

1.  Palpating to find out exactly what connective tissue to work.  I call this method Working with Directional Resistance

2.  Effectively working the area called the Lamina Groove.  I will show you a great angle where you can see exactly how and where I work

3.  Becoming proficient in assessing tweaked vertebrae and using Spinal Mechanics to create greater range of motion, quickly and without cracking necks!

I have compiled these very important pieces of information in the video below, all from the Advanced neck Work DVD.  Watch below:

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