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How can I improve my skills in order to bring about FAST neck pain relief?

When I think about what I do in my practice that makes me so successful with my clients who are dealing with neck issues, I find it really comes down to three main skills:

1.  Specific palpation skills and how to apply what you find to your work 

2.  Specific techniques to address the hard to access tissue of the neck

3.  ...and the big one...Spinal Mechanics of the Cervical Spine


Mastering and incorporating these three skills alone will make a HUGE difference in how successful you are when addressing neck pain. 


Spinal Mechanics, in particular, are a concept that is rarely taught to massage therapists. However, I have found that learning the mechanics of the cervical spine gives therapists a much better understanding of what can be causing your client pain and discomfort. When you pair that with an advanced palpation approach, you can get a 3D picture of what is going on in your client's neck! The techniques that I teach for the neck can be adapted to your specific findings from these assessments for each client.


What's better than being able to tailor a session for your client based on their unique needs?!


Alright Marty, how do I learn these skills already?! 


Well folks, I am excited to offer you an opportunity to learn these

invaluable tools and techniques for FREE in our

Advanced Neck Work Mini Course!

Make sure to sign up below!

And don't just take my word for how transformational applying these skills to your practice can be, Shannon Young, CMT will tell you all about her experience with this Mini Course in the video below!

In this Mini Course, you will learn:

  1. About a palpation technique foundational to the Morales Method® necessary to effectively and efficiently work connective tissue as well as tailor each session to the specific needs of your client

  2. How to work the Lamina Groove by watching me demonstrate just one of the over 25 techniques featured in our full Advanced Neck Work Online Course available on Teachable

  3. Spinal Mechanics! Observe a complete example of how I apply the concept of Spinal Mechanics to my work, helping bring my client out of neck pain!

Don't miss out, folks! Sign up below for your FREE Mini Course on 

Advanced Neck Work today!

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