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What you're about to learn has been kept 'behind a curtain' for many years and it has helped millions of people discover a new and unique way of bodywork.  No other School for Structural Integration offers up information about their 10-session series quite like this!


This online course will help you understand the art and philosophy behind this body of work.  What you get in these 30 minutes will plant the seeds to benefit your practice beyond measure. 


I hope you enjoyed your preview into the world of the Structural Integration 10-Series!

Learning how to assess a client in walking and palpate the tissues to form a strategy for working on my client's really stepped up my game as a practitioner and I have my training in Structural Integration to thank for that!

Check out our Full Online Course covering all 10 sessions in the Series!

If you are hungry for more instruction from the Morales Method® Academy of Structural Integration, sign up for our 10- hour course available on Teachable!

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